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Pictures, all kinds

Around Maui in February - I'm planning on making this a regular ol' travel guide, the photo galleries are up and I'll hack out the verbage soon (?)

Browser ScreenCaps - Some interesting goings on over here with different web browsers. Go over and see how they measure up to current standards.

Videos! - If you go to this page you don't need the next 2 links below cuz they are linked from there as well. There's the entire collection of compressed-for-the-web videos there too, yee-haw.

Jacob's first week - as an earthling

Jacob up to 7 months - More style than above, less substance :)

Check out the links at right too or some great stuff. All "pictures" related of course, things to make your eyes happy (all written in some strange code language, vat ees zis? nussing... or sumsing!)