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crinkle chickenCRINKLE CHICKEN HAS BEEN FOUND! After the trouble of making a worldwide request via this very site, after begging society at large and simply bothering Rob at small, as well as pandering to the nefarious googlebot, my wife found him at K-Mart.

Cheese Louise.

Following up on my promise to immortalize the provider of the chicken's location is proving to be difficult. The elusive wife is quite web shy and feels slightly uncomfortable saying hello to a big giant world that she's never had the pleasure of being personally introduced to. I believe I'll lay a trap for her. I'm editing this in a plain text editor with color coding so the markup looks quite fierce to any laypersons and general passersby, I'll prepare my bold tags then... hi! <---she typed that!!! yay. thanks dear for the chicken.


Alrighty, I've finally thought of a way to use the web to my advantage! Finally you say? Whatever, I've endeavored/refused to exploit this most noble medium during my long and illustrious career as a web designer and if you think for one minute (surely you have?) that I'm going to continue with this silly, pretentious, egocentric ramble, you've got another think comin'. Sorry, my fingers go faster than my brain, sad, I know. I suppose you're wondering why I've asked you all here, simply, I'm issuing an APB for a:


the coveted crinkle chicken

I desperately need a crinkle chicken. They are the undisputed kings of the baby toy market. They've got it all, the hole for gripping, the short, fuzzy texture of the main chicken body, the crinkly appendages. I know it's not a lot to you or me but it's pure bliss for infants. If you can turn me on to one of these toys (crinkle chicken, crinkle chicken, crinkle chicken that is) I will figure out a most flattering way to immortalize you on this very web, or something. Contact me with the good news! One more for the googlebot:

Crinkle Chicken!

Good day and God bless


Alrighty then, this website's namesake celebrated his first birthday, lo, almost a month ago and his slacker dad is finally getting some content up for the relatives, and whomever else, no stalkers though, thanks. Did some photo galleries and more of that terribly compressed video. That video is killing me, I dunno how much more I can stand, maybe I'll make tapes and mail it out. Well, now that I've sold you on the quality of this affair, you may now proceed to the festivities...

Thanks to Doc for pointing out a DIVdiscrepency with me site here in the new IE6. I apologize for not having done anything about it yet even though it has gotten under my craw quite badly. I'm somewhat disillusioned with the whole standards movement. I can easily imagine a complete lack of for quite some time. Makes me want to say forget it and start hackin' away (like I'm not already ;). I can't give up this quick though, well, unless you check out the slipshod birthday web. Come to think of it, can't remember the last time I visited the w3 validator. Aw crap. Goodnight.


I always thought guestbooks were always kinda cheesy but whenever I go through my logs and see all the places that people come from to check out this site it just blows me away. So why not a guestbook? It's not a very powerful little thing but you can go ahead and leave your mark and I'll read everyone. Now my mom can come embarrass me in front of the whole planet!

s i g n i t | v i e w i t


First off... two posts in 1 month?! This has been the busiest month I've had in a while and I'm posting twice in the same month? Stuff never makes sense. Just letting you know that the hawaii photo gallery that I mentioned in March is finally up. Sorry to slack on it so badly, the text is not even there yet but all the photos have been posted. If you'd like to contribute to the text, share some travel experience from Lahaina to Hana and all points in between, email it to me...


Click for Ponca City, Oklahoma ForecastAAAAAaaarrggh! A weather banner! How cheesey is that?!?! I said I'd never do it, what's next? A page full of tacky animations designed for backgrounds other than this one? Jagged pulsing stuff and dancing icons? Big Times New Roman Headlines?!

Actually I just wanted to test the thing for a week or so and see how it works. I'm doing a site and they've requested this type of thing. So I'll have a look and see if it's neato or not. I know I could have made test page that wasn't viewable to the general public at large, but then you wouldn't have the pleasure of suffering along with me. As a wise man once said: "for your amusement... enjoy!"

wow, that really is bad...


Wow, been a while huh? I'm busy. I'm talking to my computer actually. Working on cleaning and organizing this site a bit. I won't even publish this silly little blurb 'til I at least get the menu graphics hashed out. I'm just on a filler text kick at present. Sorry to jerk you around like that.


Published a new gallery of Jacob pictures. Unbeknownst to me (until very recently) I've discovered that people actually drop by now and then looking for updates! Sorry folks, I'll try to be more diligent, I just never imagined... Mebbe I should read my server stats? Nah.

I've got a mega-gallery of photos from our trip to Maui half-way done if you wanna check back for that. We went in February this time, the height of whale season so there's some pretty decent pictures of humpbacks. Also got snaps of the road to Hana, Wainapanapa, Oheo Gulch and lots of friends and family! My scanner stinks and if anyone knows my address and would like to send me a new one, you may go right ahead... I'll have to credit Noodle for most of the decent digital photos, he's not a bad photographer.


The boy's growin like a weed and the family's bandwidth ain't, so go ahead and check out some ultra-compressed video of the wonder years. The child is nothing but a joy. Goofy grin 24/7...


Happy 6 months to Jacob!!! What a happy day he had. Boy was grinnin all day, you'd think he knew it was his birthday.

I've got a browser screencap page going so we can see just how badly this page degrades in older browsers. It'll be fun, check it out. Be sure and send me a screencap if you have an older browser that murders the page. If you dunno how to make a screen capture, contact me and I'll give you instructions.

Inspiration provided by a really keen pair of toe socks I saw once...

tan light #ffc
tan dark #c93
red orange #c30
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