Do you like the massive, standard machine font, circa 1996? No you say? This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device.

"She blowed up real good" - Billy Sol Hurok

We're gonna have a look at what happens to a right smart looking page in several different browsers, not for the squeemish. This page shall be the test page. Who doesn't like to watch things blow up?

Excellent CSS support:

Internet Explorer 5.5
My browser for browsing
Best out there for the PC

Netscape 6
Fine support for the current standards
Painfully slow to use, hate the sidebar

Opera 5
Wunnerful standards support...
AND bucking the system

Internet Explorer 5
Not bad but not complete support
See top of menu DIV for a quirk

IE5 for the Macintosh
acceptable job even though I'm angry
with it for slicing my logo thingy up

Let the carnage begin:

Netscape 4.7
The bane of many a DHTML guru's existence
Explodes as I watch gleefully

Netscape 4.04
Pretty much the same as NS4.7
Surprising to me, I thought this would be rotten
It's gettin' there...

jaggie lava lamp
NS4.7 and 4.04 currently share the prestigious and coveted jaggy lava lamp award™. This award is one of the oldest and most tenacious of web awards; just when you think it's gone, had it's day, and holds no more glamorous sway over the web... someone awards their page the jaggy lava lamp award™ and the buzz begins afresh and anew. Send in a screenshot to whoop NS4.7/4.04

If you can, make your screencaps finish at 700px wide, optimized as a 16 color GIF using the web pallette, if you can't manage that, just send it in full size and I'll fix it up from there.