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The web is made up of links. This page is my contribution to all that. Actually it's just a good way to show where I've been and what I saw while I was there. BUT, if I didn't like it, it's not here. There's an awful lot of garbage out there, and I'm not just talking about porn, there's much, much worse than that out there. Actually I've seen a few geocities sites that were just packed with really interesting content. Anyway...

If you know of a link that you think belongs in one of these (?)categories(?), mail me the address along with the category you think it belongs under.

OZONES - I've been surfing this site for a number of years and I still find new things there all the time. It's a labyrinth I tell ya. All eye candy, every bit.

Phong - Increasingly Flashified, this site gets a lot of attention and I like it as well. Every time someone new sees it, I'm sure they say "cool"

Rusted Faith - Usually something really cool lurking around these here parts. May take a little while to load for you dialers

Anders Qvicker - Huh, apparently he's a musician as well. I just went to his site to copy the URL for this link and he's got an album out. Gonna go download some mp3s now...

Once upon a forest - Don't trash the popup, hold your horse loadin', click on everything! Now go subscribe to cable or DSL access. - neato dhtml, super-good Photoshopper, likes his graphics like he likes his women... small and dark, or something

praystation - bizarre to comprehend, good to look at

(D)HTML guru - seriously cool DHTML work, the graphics are a little limp but it still qualifies as eye candy I think

Bugimus - A wealth of bizarre DHTML interfaces and not a bad Photoshopper/3D Maxer to boot, look for the Minbari chaser - inspirational design; mad, mad dhtml


Dhabi Eng - simply amazing

Goodbrush, Craig Mullins - again, amazing. must be fun being so talented

Layne Karkruff - a.k.a., absolutely beautiful stuff, you'll find some desktops and icons here too - prepare to wait, would I steer you wrong? Nope, it's worth the wait

Tim White - some of this stuff will make your skin crawl, that can be a good thing sometimes


Vladimir Kush - He said he's never done drugs before, they simply weren't available when he was growing up. Clean, sober, talented.

Dario Campanile - unfortunately some of my favorite works that this man has done are not on his site and the screen doesn't come close to capturing his art. :p~

Salvador Dali - the demented Spaniard. what a guy.

Thomas Leung - I especially love his stuff with fire/lava. Ooooh the colors.

MC Escher - impossible architecture, morphosis, shiny spheres, this man was on the ball!

Maxfield Parrish - the colors, the realism, one of the finest graphic artists ever. EVER!

Fantasy Art Resource Project - great teachings over heah, on all kinds of stuff

Frank Lloyd Wright - an architect you say? yep.

Yves Tanguy - another demented surrealist, I wonder what these surrealists dream about?


k10k - everyone's favorite tiny pixelly site

kiiori - always good design - inspirational design; mad, mad dhtml

nosubstance - title says it all, just for the heck of it - not interesting unless you're interested in some of the best web design ever known, marriage of cool and usable

sashadesign - simple and extremely effective

designiskinky - excellent resources

evilpupil - flat out frightens me, good example of bad design, that is good anyway

alistapart - tireless teacher Jeffrey Zeldman presents...


Bratta's Scriptomania - scripts

Dynamic Drive - scripts

Simply the Best - scripts

DHTML Shock - scripts

Dan Steinman - teaching men to fish

DHTMLcentral - anybody home?

stylemaster - CSS

w3schools - CSS, exhaustive reference

World Wide Web Consortium - everything you need to know


sourceforge - open source resource, big and bad, gots all the goods

evilwalrus - PHP scripts

CGI - Resources - scripts

bignosebird - scripts

phpbuilder - great all around PHP resource, scripts, forums, technical writing, all kinda good stuff

cgidir - scripts


OZONES - one of the grandaddies of Dynamic HTML, I can't tell you how many time's I've seen his name in code comments

Bugimus - A wealth of bizarre DHTML interfaces and not a bad Photoshopper/3D Maxer to boot, look for the Minbari chaser, crazy math in action - inspirational design; mad, mad dhtml, this guy's a bona fide genie - neato dhtml, super-good Photoshopper, all the skills and all around great guy, gotta hate that

(D)HTML guru - seriously cool DHTML work, the graphics are a little limp but the DHTML more than makes up for it

Dan Steinman - check out the demos and games, maybe they'll make you say "wow"

K.Moriyama - cool javascript games

Thomas Brattli - not crazy games and such but great DHTML resource and the site is definitely "in action"


Answers in Genesis - If you're interested in Science and how it relates to Christianity, this is the place for you. Science doesn't interest me in the least but I thought this website was pretty cool.

Grace to You - John MacArthur - This guy is my favorite Bible teacher ever, period. He teaches what God's Word says and nothing else. If you're looking for teaching that is not colored by anything that the world has to offer, I believe this is a great place to begin. Daily devotional page included.

On-Line Bible - Check out the Online Bible Stater Pack. These people are using the tools that God has given them to further His Kingdom. Free Bibles for everyone! Good add-on modules as well. - A monster list of daily devotionals for you here.

Christianity Today - Bible - Four translations, two dictionaries, one commentary, and a few devotionals. Not bad for an online thing.

top - Christian Hardcore, Rapcore, well, you get the picture. Tunes! Well, tunes might be too strong a word, or too wimpy, uh it implies melodies ala the Beatles. This ain't the Beatles. Christiancore Central.

BIG IDEA! - This link could belong under many headings but one word says it all: VeggieTales! Big Idea productions has good goals and products. I hope and pray that they achieve their goals, with God on their side, who could be against?!

Z-JAM - Interactive radio and online ministry, they've been known to play a good song or two every now and then. Pretty cool concept and delivery, for the young uns.

Crown Financial Ministries - This is Larry Burkett's Christian Financial Concepts site, sidekick to his radio broadcast. Learn to honor God in the way you handle your money too. Too many people wanna live for money, money is a fine servant but a cruel master.

Break Point - A Christian perspective on today's news and trends. Check out Chuck Colson's page here, guy's got it goin on.

Focus on the Family - Sounds like just a family resource, and it is an excellent one, but you can find a ton of good stuff over here.


Disciple - I was truly happy to find out that this band existed. Best hard Christian band on the planet bar none. Favorite album: "This Might Sting a Little". Check 'em out.

Project86 - Another truly good hard Chrstian band. Where were all these bands when I was a young un?!?!

P.O.D. - WooHoo!!! POD!!! When I said " none" under the Disciple heading? Well, these guys run an awfully close second anyway.

Simpleton - Cool little punk outfit that I dig, a lot. Their website has some mp3's for download if you wanna sample their style. The deserve to be better known than they are, you can say that about a lot of punk bands I guess.

Slick Shoes - Good hard rock kinda band, I really like the guitar style.

The Insyderz - One of the best Christian ska bands around, these fellers schwing.

The O.C. Supertones - Finally they get a website, losers ;)

Audio Adrenaline - Brilliant band. If they weren't a Christian band they'd be all up in the Billboard top 40 with every new release. You could say the same for, well you know, these guys:

DC Talk - Like Audio A, these fellas kick out good tunes constantly that appeal to a broad a broad range of listeners. I dig 'em, any Christian band that can manage enough exposure to be 'overexposed' has got to astonish and amaze.


Daily World Headlines
Headline service for daily happenings. Mostly European Soccer news with the occassional South American story.

More Daily Headlines
Same headline service as above. Redundant, if one is not loading or loading slow, try the other. News this extensive must be redundant as it is extremely addictive.
Excellent news source divided into regional groups, North America, South America, Europe etc. Webcasts of games and all sorts of fun stuff.

ESPN's Soccer Pages
You gotta give them credit, they're *trying* to cash in on soccer. The occassional decent MLS story.

Soccer America
The best US soccer magazine ever.


Zinedine Zidane


Roberto Baggio

Allesandro Del Piero

Dennis Bergkamp

Eric Cantona

Paolo Maldini

Diego Maradona

Marco Van Basten

Michel Platini

Johan Cruijff

Mia Hamm

Michelle Akers

Zico - beware, music


somebody set up us the bomb - oops, sorry