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A Letter from a Sinner - by Sean York
I went through life like it was some kind of game,
Every day I treated the same.
From home to work, and home again,
Never realizing I was in sin.
But then one day, a fatal trek,
Ended up in my final wreck.
The flashing lights and my sharp pain,
Then suddenly it was quiet again.
When I woke up I was in a marvelous place,
Where even the stones were touched by grace.
Then music filled the air,
and Jesus the Lord appeared there.
He asked, "Why should I let you in?"
I said, "I went to church and told others to repent their sin."
But then an angel pulled out a book,
His face bearing an awful look.
The sky turned red,
And then I saw him, the lord of the dead.
He grabbed my arm and took me below,
Oh!  What a horrible show.
Men held to the walls by iron chains,
Screaming of all their fears and pains.
Satan said I could write a message, one final letter,
So I thought I had better.
    My point is don't wait,
    Because before you know it, it's too late,
    To repent from sin and with a nod,
    Turn whole heartedly to God.